5 Halloween Buffet Ideas

For a few months now I’ve swapped our usual Sunday roast for a buffet. This all began in the Summer so that more time could be spent outside doing things in the garden and everyone loved it so much I kept it up. It does cause huge excitement when I shout BUFFEETTTTTTTT through the kitchen door and feet come running!

So for Halloween we thought a theme would be fun. The internet was scoured for ideas and a few were made up and tada – here we go!

So as well as some of our usual buffet dishes we added the following.

  1. Sausage Roll Mummies – These were great fun! All we did was cut some ready made, ready rolled pastry into very thin strips and wrap up some chipolata sausages. When cooked they looked just like mummies (or possibily dismembered fingers) Ketchup eyes were also added.
  2. Dough Ball Eyeballs – These were super simple and very tasty. Cook some Garlic Doughballs and make a hole in the middle of each one on top. Pop in half a pitted olive (hole side up) and then fill the hole with mayonnaise.
  3. Spider Pizza – I used miniature frozen pizzas for these but slices would work. Create a spider on the top of each one/slice from black olives. Suprisingly easy but very effective. Also easy to pick off for those not so keen on olives.
  4. Fruity Pumpkins and Ghosts – These would have been a lot more effective if our kitchen hadn’t been so warm. In hindsight I’d say to leave these until last or pop them in the fridge until you are ready to serve. Peel bananas and chop in half, peel satsumas. Make faces on them using icing pens. Simples 🙂
  5. Witches Broomsticks – These were a great hit! They are basically cheese straws (Hubby used cheddar rather than the double gloucester in the recipe) in the shape of broomsticks with a glaze of marmite. You can find the recipe for them here http://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/witchs-broomsticks/

So there we have it! A simple buffet with a Halloween twist.

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