The End to Poached Egg Stress!

Poached Eggs

Does someone in your family LOVE poached eggs?

My hubby does, and for almost two decades I didn’t make them for him as I was terrified of the classic swirl an egg in boiling water diaster. I have tried this on numerous occasions and it didn’t go well at all!

Anyway, a good friend gave me a heads up on a great item which has now enabled me to create poached eggs every Sunday with ‘almost’ near perfect results every time!

This purchase that has transformed Sunday breakfast in our house is called The Poach Pod.

Basically, they are silicone nests (for want of a better word) that float in a pan of boiling water like a lily pad. You simply crack an egg in and pop on the lid. I do four at a time in a deep frying pad and although they do take some watching when they are almost done (I lurk over them with a fork and prod them like a mad thing to check if they are done) they create a much looked forward to breakfast for hubby as I place them on potato cakes and serve with either orange juice or a cup of tea. Occasionally both!

One Sunday I almost got a complete set of double yokers! It would have been all four if I’d chosen the egg I next used for a fried egg. AWESOME!

Dougle Yoker Poached Eggs
Poached Egg heaven! Three double yokers!


I can also recommend the poach pod lift which I did do without for about a year but I find a nice accessory to use with them. Other tips I have are to use a table spoon to run around the egg before you tip it out. Dessert spoons aren’t quite big enough and don’t do such a good job. Also use a squirt of spray oil before you put the egg in as this will stop them getting stuck in the pod.

Have you tried the poach pod? Let me know how you got on with it.

Also, I’d love to hear if you have any poached egg recipes. 🙂

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