Which came first – the dinosaur or the egg?

T-Rex Dino Egg Cup

Red Candy’s new quirky egg cup designs featuring origami style dinosaur  make breakfast the most fun meal of the day – and we’re not eggs-aggerating!

Veggies will marvel at the magnificent Diplodocus, who’s keeping a watchful eye over the egg he’s carrying! Full of character, this green dinosaur egg cup is the gentle giant of the dino world, but will guard your breakfast with his life!

The Triceratops Dino Egg Cup will give your brekkie a Jurassic twist, and will make a playful addition to any dining area! A source of endless puns, this white dinosaur egg cup is one dino that won’t become eggs-tinct! The white T’top with its two horns and skull plate, will fiercely defend your egg from any pending threats.

Standing on its two back legs, egg on back, caught mid-roar, is the fearsome T-Rex. This porcelain predator has arguably the most formidable reputation of the three, but what a guy to have over for breakfast…just keep the bacon out of site!

These egg-squisite offerings from Red Candy will add a ROARsome twist to your breakfast, and are set to delight both children and adults alike. They really have really cracked the perfect blend of form and functionality with their origami-style dinosaur egg cups – a design which won’t become eggs-tinct any time soon!

Aren’t these AWESOME! My youngest son would LOVE these!

Long Neck Dino Egg Cup



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