My favourite sandwich toaster EVER – the Breville VST025 Sandwich Press

Breville Sandwich Press

My family LOVE toasted sandwiches.

I’ve always made them, often in rather bizarre ways. When I haven’t had some form of sandwich toasting machine I tend to just toast the bread and then melt the cheese using a quick burst in the microwave afterwards as I’ve never got on very well with those black toaster bags.

But back to the machines. Over the years I’ve had several, the latest¬† being a reasonably priced Breville sandwich toaster that I purchased from Amazon a few months ago. This went down great with my boys and we happily toasted away on it although it wouldn’t take a decently filled sandwich and did make a bit of a mess at times. I was also disappointed when the non stick coating started to come off after only a month. This was no good at all!

So I decided that after Christmas was out of the way I would invest in a different one and I actually got a very good deal. I purchased it at ¬£20 although I think it’s gone up a little now. Here it is:

I’ve had it for two weeks now and we’ve used it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not just for sandwiches either, it works on fruitcake, onions that are then added into a really fat sandwich. It’s just Fab! See my review below for more info and do let me know if you have one yourself.

I would certainly recommend this for anyone who loves a toastie.

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