The scary day my computer went off for repair!

computer errors

I work from home and my business is entirely on my computer. This is wonderful in so many ways but not when that computer goes wrong. It’s a total nightmare extremely stressful! It all started last May when my recently converted windows 10 All in one (you know the ones, no seperate box, just a screen and keyboard) fell foul of a rogue windows 10 update. In short – it killed it. Panic set in and after a quick look at the my business account I knew that an emergency laptop was called for. So a phone call was placed to Sir and a quick detour home after work via Currys brought me beautiful blue laptop. Now this should have been an end to it, but no.

The first problem I had was when I restored my backup from my portable hard drive onto the new laptop. All ‘seemed’ fine, until I tried to open any of the files and was told in no uncertain terms that I didn’t have permission. ACCESS DENIED! ARRRRRGHHH!

This took me AGES to sort out but I eventually got there and went on about my business (see what I did there ;)).

So off I pootled, rather loving my new found freedom which meant that I wasn’t chained to the desk in my pokey, damp office but now loose about the house. I could work in the kitchen, in the front of the TV (ahem), wherever I wanted.

This was great until the day that something odd started to happen. It appeared the every now and again the position of the lid would cause the screen to flick on and off. Annoying yes but only rare and intermittent so I ignored it. Then it got worse, and worse, AND WORSE. Right up just before Christmas when not only did it flicker on and off but it regularly put the laptop into sleep mode. This really wasn’t helpful when I was trying to work.

So I made the call to Currys and they said yes, there is definitely a fault. Bring it in and we’ll send it off for repair. SEND IT OFF! OMG!

As much as I’d love to take a week or so off this really wasn’t an option so since then I’ve been stressing about it. I’ve also been trying to sort out a temporary measure while it is away. I managed to get the old desktop up and running (sort of) and I set it all up with the portable drive so that I could access my files. But oh yes! Now we were ACCESS DENIED on this pc too. Damn it! So I manage to transfer the files I may need onto the PC AND get it to let me see and use them. Sorted, you’d think?

Er no – because now it decideds that it’s only going to allow me to be online for about 6 minutes at a time. I then need to reset the network adapter before it lets me back on. GRRRR!

I very nearly gave up at this point and decided to somehow live with the dodgy laptop, it really wasn’t worth the hassle I was going through. But then I managed to mend whatever problem was occurring with the wifi and after working with it for two days without touching the laptop I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

So this morning I took it in! And it’s now gone! 🙁

Hopefully, it will be back next week around the time of my birthday – I’ll keep you posted.

Wish me luck! (And if you don’t hear from me for a while you’ll know somethings gone wrong)


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