Upside down Christmas chocolate tubs make great cake storage

Coffee and Walnut Cake

After you’ve enjoyed all of those Quality Street, Roses, Celebrations or Miniature Heros it’s always a chore to find a use for the empty tub isn’t it. Because I’m sure you’re like me and can’t bring yourself to just throw it out. There must be some use for it!

Well for years now I’ve used them for when I bake.

It’s obvious for small cakes and pies (although they aren’t that air tight so don’t leave them in there too long) but have you worked out how good they are for large cakes?

The trick with these is to turn the tub upside and place the cake on the upturned lid. This acts as the base for the cake and will allow you to put the rest of the tub on over the cake to keep it fresh and covered. I have transported cakes likes this too and it works really well.

Lemon Shortbread Stars   Mince Pies

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