Cocktail Anyone? What equipment do you use for your cocktails?

OK, so it’s been a long day and it’s almost time to make dinner.

Is it time? Oh yes, I think so. Just time to whip up a quick cocktail to de-stress a little before we start.

Do you have the right equipment?

My cocktail repertoire is slim to say the least so this could certainly come in handy. I found this cute steel sign on Amazon at £4.95.  (You can find it here)

I’m more of a glass of beer girl so I may need more accessories for this endeavour. Off we go to see what we can find. 

What do you need to make a cocktail, anyone know?


Oh my! Just look at this cocktail set. I LOVE copper, have I mentioned that before?

 Isn’t it gorgeous. It’s a VonShef 9 Piece Cocktail Set in Parisian Copper. I adore it, just can’t get enough copper. Recently bought a copper electric pepper grinder. It’s lovely. It’s packed with all the essentials you need to host your very own cocktail party. Perfect!

I found this one on Amazon for £29.99. (You can find it here)

OK so we have our recipe (and hopefully the ingredients), we have our equipment. What now?

Oh yes, we need some glasses. There seem be quite a selection of different shapes and sizes and I think it all comes down to personal preference. Which is your preferred shape?


These classic Martini glasses are great aren’t they, very movie star. This is a set of 6 Rink Drink martini cocktail glasses. Only £11.99! (find them here) By the way, if you are having lots of people round you can also get these in a set of 24.

They come boxed and are dishwasher safe.

Maybe you aren’t one for the classic cocktail glass. Would you prefer something different?

How about these…


These are the same make as before but are a different shape. Welcome to a Rink Drink pack of 6 beautiful gift boxed Margarita cocktail glasses. Do they float your boat?

These are £13.99 (find them here)

Let’s have one more different type of glass. This company really do seem to do them all. 

I need to do these or I can’t go wild and show you the decorations. 


Meet the Rink Drink set of 6 Pina Colada cocktail glasses.

These are £11.99 (find them here)


Who’s brave enough to decorate their cocktails?


Just look at these!

Here we have 100  cocktail straws: package includes 50 pieces multiple colours, umbrellas straws and 50 pieces mixed colour 3D fruit straws (apple, pineapple, pear, and orange).

Awesome aren’t they!

These are £7.89 (find them here)


I should probably stop here shouldn’t I. We were only having a quick drink before dinner. 

Do you have any favourite cocktails? I’d love to hear them.

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